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Lumber Mill

Automated Lumber Face Grade Printer | State of the art – Millwright Designed | NEW – Claussen Crosstable Grade Printer

Benefits & Options:
  • Eliminates regrading! – Can up and down grade on same board at the same time.
  • Optional 8″ pnuematic rubber hold down wheels (holds lumber down & back against lug).
  • 3″ to 5″ clearance above boards, unobstructed clearance for twisted boards (no double stamping).
  • Optional thickness adjuster (adjusts all arms simultaneously).
  • Optional high speed (up to 160 lugs per minute).
  • 100% ball bearings.
  • Super heavy duty 2″ air cylinders.
  • Optional floor mount.
  • Arm bending plates (minimizes down time).
  • Grade stamp hub rotation reversing mechanism (optional).
  • Pre-inked disposable ink roll system.
  • Optional patented internal ink roll heaters, good for cold temperatures.
  • Grade stamps: Velcro or grade-ring attached.
  • Millwright designed / lowest maintenance costs in the industry.